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Company Profile

Universal POLYTHEX, established in 1992, has been
producing since 2001 in growth-oriented premises in
Übach-Palenberg at the heart of the Aachen-Maastricht-
Liege technology region. Driven by the passion to
fulfil customer needs flexible and on time, the expanding
medium-sized company has developed into one of the
leading manufacturers of thermoplastic semi-finished
products in Europe over the last decade. The continuous
modernisation process with investments amounting
to approx. 10 million Euro and the increase in the
annual production volume from 2,000 to 25,000 tonnes
are impressive signs of our commercial success.
As a family owned company that is committed to sustainability,
Universal POLYTHEX is a reliable partner
for suppliers, customers and employees. Over the last
ten years we have created more than 100 new jobs at
the Übach-Palenberg site. With a team comprising 145
highly motivated employees, we offer production and
services that take the lead in the market. The weekly
training of our employees is living proof of our quality
way of thinking. In order to meet the high demands
on flexibility and cost-effectiveness in our production
and the quality of our products in future too, we have
decided to implement IS O accreditation.
Today we produce thermoplastic semi-finished products
on six extrusion lines for demanding customers from
a wide range of industries. The modern production
facilities enable short set-up times, meaning that we are
even able to produce small batches at short notice and
at competitive prices. With another extrusion line being
put into operation, we will significantly increase our
production capacity once again at the end of 2012.
In order for this to be done in harmony with environmental
protection, all thermoplastic leftover materials will be
recycled and immediately reused at Universal
POLYTHEX. We only use high quality raw materials in
production and with BIOTHEX we also have an organicbased
product in our range that conserves resources.
Whatever the market requires - we deliver it at the highest
quality level. Reliable and on time! That is why we produce
for you, seven days a week, 365 days a year.